Consistent Capital Appreciation

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Consistent capital appreciation for our investors ...

Since its founding in 1978, Mutual Southern Banc Corp. has strived to achieve consistent capital appreciation for our investors. Our investment goals emphasize long-term preservation of capital and appreciation; thereby significantly increasing the value of our clients’ portfolios.

Expertise in identifying hidden value ...

The foundation of Mutual Southern Banc Corp.'s performance is a comprehensive and highly disciplined investment strategy that capitalizes on our expertise in identifying a company's hidden or undiscovered value through intensive, proprietary research. This strategy derives from a value-oriented investment approach that is grounded in focus and consistency.

In selecting the companies that constitute our investment portfolios, Mutual Southern Bank Corp. looks well beyond earnings per share and other commonly used financial measures to search out and quantify value that the stock market has temporarily overlooked.

In-depth research and beyond ...

We rigorously analyze a host of economic and financial factors to fully understand a company's ability to create value in the future. We couple our quantitative assessment with an in-depth qualitative appraisal. In discussions with senior executives, we assess management's operating philosophy, priorities and commitment to creating shareholder value. We corroborate management's words with corporate deeds by talking to customers, suppliers and competitors.

In all of this, our aim is simple: to find and to capture for our clients fundamental value that is not yet reflected in a company's stock price.

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